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Believe it or not the title of my post is not a command or even a suggestion. In fact, it is the name of a young and vibrant online company that is changing the face of internet business. 

Wake Up Now works around what they call 'The Hub'. Check out the video which explains more about this

Now that you have a better overview you can sign up here for a FREE account right now to take advantage of all that Wake Up Now has to offer.

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Wake up now

I must admit that up till now I had no idea that I was apparently asleep. But it appears that I was. According to the latest buzz on a new website with a brand new concept, almost everyone is slumbering, and those who aren’t are simply staring in wide-eyed amazement. The site goes on to say that while times are tough (when aren’t they) and money is inevitably a challenge for many people, there are those who are actually unfazed by it all. They are buying the car of their choice, living in their dream house and going on multiple vacations wherever and whenever they wish.

Now normally, I would take all this hype with the proverbial pinch of sodium chloride (salt) and continue to go about my impoverished and deprived existence with the usual mix of cynicism and resignation. I would also help myself to another cookie – but that’s another story. This time however, because of one factor, I dug deeper.

What is that factor you may ask? What is that ONE THING that altered my mindset and set me on a changed path? OK, you twisted my arm and because of your incredible powers of persuasion I will tell you. Two words: Kris Darty.

Some of you may have heard of him. To the uninitiated, he is a six figure earner with Empower Network and a remarkable, lovable and totally honest guy. Here is a summary of his story and how he is changing lives………..

Kris, even though he has become a six figure earner, has never been happy with the fact that 97% of online marketers don’t make it. His vision has always been that EVERYONE should be successful in their online ventures, and after much thought has formulated a way that this can actually happen.

Firstly, he thought: ” What if I formed a community in which we all really and truly help each other be successful? What if someone in the community needed their team to be completed? Why can’t I place members of my team in THEIR downline to help them out?”

Secondly, he thought: “What if we had lots of members, chose a business opportunity and have ALL of us join it together? How much increased leverage would we have then?

Thus the Neo Network was born.


And you know what? It’s working like crazy! The short video that you are going to watch below is the SECOND biz opp that has been selected, and is working even better than the first. Check it out…..

If you want to know more about Kris Darty read my next blog post.

In the mean time just click this link to set up a FREE account at the Neo Network.

After you have joined you should be given a link to membership in our private Neo Network Facebook group. If that doesn’t happen then contact me.

Email. realchanges4u@gmail.com


amazed toddlerI am a regular viewer of the TED talks and almost always find something that is either illuminating, inspiring or just plain incredible! Which category do you think the following video falls into? I know I was completely blown away by the sheer ability of the guest speaker (performer), especially as music is one of my passions and I am only too aware of what it takes to stand out from the crowd. Why did it impress me so much? Because it is proof that anything, and I mean anything, is possible if you work consistently hard, are really dedicated and focused and have clear goals.

Watch this now:

It’s beat box brilliance isn’t it? Tom takes it to a new level which includes pitched melody as well as rhythm. My philosophy is that not just musical instruments but everything has a rhythm – life itself has an unmistakable rhythm, nature has a rhythm and above all we have a rhythm. The trick is to find our own rhythm and ride it. It’s rather like looking for that special, perfect wave if you’re a surfer. Once you find it it’s heaven on earth, but you can fall off your board many times before you make the discovery – usually by chance.

Many people it seems, have yet to discover what their rhythm actually is, and accounts for why  so many people are constantly searching and searching for what they want and desire out of life. In fact there are people who don’t even know what they are searching for but have a vague feeling that they could do better if only………if only what? It’s a puzzle for those people who are unsure of their goals and are really lost.

Now I don’t pretend to have all the answers but I do know that help is available if you know where to look. And thanks to the internet, everything you ever wanted to know (and somethings you don’t!) is right at your fingertips. For the knowledge seekers of today there are many many search options in the form of what we call Search Engines. The best known and most used is of course Google which ranks #1 in all Search Engines. However, there are lots of alternative options such as You Tube, Yahoo and Bing to find what you want, to name just a few. In fact there are more than 30 major SEs with Google having the monster share.


If you want the complete list then click here.

Now if you’re searching for example, for ways to make money online, to start an internet business, there are many, many options available, including a whole heap of scams and people out to take advantage of poor, unsuspecting, wanna-be entrepreneurs. So how do you tell the difference between genuine offers and scam artists?

Well, the simple answer is it’s almost impossible. Technology is so sophisticated these days that the website you visit can look really authentic and the writer, or speaker if it’s video, can sound extremely convincing. But like all things it’s buyer beware!

Tip 1: You would never ever get involved with someone you don’t know or have not at least built a relationship with online.

Tip 2: Get a Facebook account and Friend the people you are proposing to do business with.

Tip 3: Get other peoples’ opinion , especially if they are already involved with an online venture and have been involved for some time.

Tip 4: Educate yourself. The more you know the more likely you can spot a fraud.

Tip 5: Never part with large sums of money on a whim – even if there is a so-called money back guarantee.

Tip 6: If still in doubt contact me at realchanges4u@gmail.com or call me at 250-762-5757.

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I confess that although I have some knowledge of how to rank on the first page of Google, I google page rankam definitely not an expert on the subject like a Rob Fore or a Peter Garety, for example. So I am constantly searching for any information that I can find that will help with this ongoing, complex and frustrating issue. It was with great joy therefore that got an email from the good people at Social Monkee (awesome backlink site), directing me to a f*ree report by Peter Garety on this very subject.

There are many great nuggets in this Google ranking report, including the simple but mind-blowing concept that in fact Google is not looking for KEYWORDS on a webpage but just WORDS! Peter Garety explains his concepts in an easy-to-understand format and makes reading the report almost a joy! After his initial introduction in which he lays out the reasons for reading the report in the first place, Peter Garety shows us a short video made by one of the executives at Google itself. In this short video, the exec talks about Penguin 2.0 and what to expect over the next few months from Google. Typically, after talking on the video at length about it, he covers his tush by disclaiming that any of what he mentions will actually happen, that Google’s plans could change at any time! How helpful is that!?!

Anyway, judge for yourself:

After the video, Peter Garety then goes on in the Google ranking report to discuss Keyword Specific Ranking levels, Relevancy and Content Keywords. His uncluttered style and simple concepts make this stuff much easier to comprehend than many other similar reports and articles I have read previously. He makes us really think about the meaning of what we are doing and why, and shows us how Google works as its ‘bots’ crawl our websites.

According to Peter, we need to pay particular attention to the section about Content Keywords (P.16) in which he explains how Google interprets the content on all the pages of our sites and how they are listed in order of frequency. He then goes on to talk about how this works in the real world (P17) and has examples to illustrate his point.

Finally, Peter reveals to us right in this ranking report, his special calculation which he calls The New P1 Content Ranking Formula, and thankfully, also shows us how to use it, taking into account the important fact that Google is becoming more and more like a social network rather than just a search engine. In addition he offers some live f*ree training on how to use his formula (the link to register is in the report).

I know for sure that, even though I am linked to An Authority Site already and I have the advantage of Rob Fore training videos that are amazing and full of fantastic info, I am going to implement his suggestions so that my own ranking will improve. Here is Peter Garety’s link to the f*ree report : Google P1 Ranking Formula Report.

And after the SEO process, if you need consistent leads for your own websites (as we all do), you can also check out this recommended resource which works really well for me and should for you too: Lead Generation Supreme.

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